What We Do


The Wisconsin Soybean Extension Program goal is to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of Midwest soybean and small grain production.

We work to provide Wisconsin growers the latest soybean research, timely crop management recommendations and diagnostics. Through our research, we generate science based solutions to address real world problems in soybean and small grain production.

Wisconsin soybean growers, Agricultural practitioners, Certified Crop Advisors, and Midwest County Extension Agents rely on research-based information. We provide continuing education and advanced diagnostic workshop training for clientele through Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) training, Diagnostic Training Clinics, in-field workshops, winter meetings, and timely communications.

Did you Know?
  • Wisconsin has 11,000 soybean growers enriching our way of life.
  • Wisconsin ranks 14th in soybean production among U.S. states.
  • Wisconsin soybean farmers grows twice as much food as his or her parents did using less land, energy, water and fewer emissions.
  • In 2017, Wisconsin growers harvested 100.58 million bushels of soybeans (2.3 % of U.S. soybean production) on 2.14 million acres of land with a yield of 47 bushels per acre of soybeans.
  • In 2016 Rock County is the leading producer of all Wisconsin counties growing soybeans. Followed by, Dane, Dodge, Grant and Lafayette counties.
  • Wisconsin is a major exporter of soybeans. Sixty five percent of Wisconsin soybeans are exported with much of that demand being driven by China. Two out of every 3 soybean rows are sent to other countries.
  • Wisconsin is home to family businesses that are major exporters of Wisconsin soybeans. The DeLong Company, based in Clinton, is one example. For more than 100 years, this family owned and operated business has grown to become a major supplier of Wisconsin family farmer grown soybeans serving U.S. and worldwide markets.
  • Wisconsin is the 2nd and 20th largest oat and winter wheat producing state.

Dr. Shawn Conley
WI State Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist