• Our objective is to develop a new online cropping system optimization decision tool for soybean farmers in the North Central Soybean Production zone.

Help us help you grow more profitable soybeans through the power of data science. We’re developing an app to help you make decisions in real time.  The more data we collect, the more accurate the tool will be. The app will allow growers to drop a pin in a field, enter input variables, and receive crop management decision help directly and through online scouting tools such as Sporecaster and Tarspotter.

This is what we’re asking from you: 

  • Provide field management, price, and yield data from two or more of your farm fields via an online survey. 
  • Share the survey with a friend or on social media. Our goal is over 1000 fields, so the more the merrier!
  • That’s it. We’ll add soil, weather, and satellite image data to your survey answers and crunch the numbers to improve the precision of our recommendations. 

And in return, you will get to try out the tool before anyone else! To participate, go to