Soybean Aphids Starting to Show Up

When scouting your soybean fields over the next few weeks pay close attention to any elevated ant activity as an indicator of soybean aphid arrival (Image 1). Krista Hamilton (DATCP Entomologist) reported finding soybean aphids in Columbia and Dodge counties last week. This morning John Gaska and Branden Furseth (UW Soybean Extension and Research Program) found soybean aphids in our soybean seed treatment experiment at the Arlington research station (Image 2) as well as at our soybean research trials located at the West Madison research station. Fall suction trap counts suggest that this may likely be an off year for aphids, however remember to scout and be vigilant as some fields may still reach threshold. For more information on soybean aphids please visit the Wisconsin Crop Manger newsletter or the Soybean Aphid publication authored by Dr. Eileen Cullen (WI Extension Field Crop Entomologist).

Image 1. Ants on soybean plant.

Image 2. Soybean aphids located at new soybean growth.
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