Dockage for Black Point of Wheat

Bryce Larson, Calumet County Agricultural Agent, reported today that growers were being docked at the elevator for black point disease of wheat. Black point disease is caused by a fungal complex, including (but not limited to) Alternaria, Fusarium, and Helminthosporium. The affected kernels appear black-pointed on the tips. Bryce was reporting that dockage for growers was at $0.06 per point above the 4% threshold. We also had reports of black point disease in 2007. Some of the conditions that favor infection and disease development include warm, humid or wet weather during grain maturation. In considering options to reduce the risk of black point in 2009 include the use of certified seed and use a fungicide seed treatment. A summary of the winter wheat variety trial will appear shortly and will be able to be accessed at

To help us document the severity of dockage issue, if you receive reports and can pass them along, please contact Paul at 608-890-1999 or

Image Source:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/prm7802/$FILE/wheat_cb69_l.jpg

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