New Field Crops Plant Pathology Webpage

Recently, we went live with a new Field Crops Plant Pathology webpage that can be found at the following address:

At this website, we will have updated information regarding diseases of wheat, corn, alfalfa, and soybean. Specifically, it is our long range goal to have one page fact sheets for the major diseases of each crop. This will be a work in progress, so please excuse the construction.

We also link to “”, “Soyhealth”, and “Forage Resources” to provide the most comprehensive information on diseases affecting field, small grain, and forage crops for producers in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Some of the key components of the new Field Crops Plant Pathology webpage include the ability to ask specific questions about diseases affecting field, small grain, and forage crops. This can be found under the link, “Ask about Crop Diseases”.

We will continually work to update this webpage and will keep people notified of changes on the main page. We also welcome any feedback about this site via the “Contact” link.

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