Soybean Harvest in Wisconsin is at a Crawl

Wisconsin growers are struggling to get their soybean crop harvested and we are no exception. As of today the WSRP (WI Soybean Research Program) have only harvested 18% of all of our plots and projected weather outlooks show no real extended harvest window in sight. One of our combine crews just called from Chippewa Falls, WI minutes ago. We opened up the field and were treated with soybean moisture’s in the low to mid 20’s. Nothing left for us to do but shut it down for the day and hope for some drying weather. As we continue to struggle through harvest soybean seed quality, drying, and storage issues will continue to arise. Below are a few sources of information that may prove useful as harvest pushes forward.

Note of Interest: John Gaska called from the field after the initial post and indicated that all of the pods he inspected remain tightly sealed and no germination was occuring. Grain quality at the Arlington location still looked good to excellent.

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