Summer 2010 Field Days Related to IPM and Fied Crop Diseases

During this summer, several field days have been proposed. At all of these field days, several topics will be covered across a range of topics, however, those related to diseases may include discussion of integrated strategies for managing corn, soybean, wheat, and alfalfa diseases. These field days are also subject to change and we will keep you up to date as the schedules develop for each field day.

July 6, Arlington, WI: Integrated Pest Management Field Day (Organizers: Bryan Jensen and Paul Esker)
July 7, Independence, WI: Western WI IPM Field Day (Local Host: Jon Zander)
July 8, Monroe County, WI (site TBD): Western WI IPM Field Day (Local Host: Bill Halfman)
July 27, Arlington, WI: DTC Troubleshooting Clinic (Organizer: Dan Heider)
August 17, Arlington, WI: DTC Crop and Pest Management Workshop (Organizer: Dan Heider)
August 25, Arlington, WI: UW Agronomy Field Day
August 31, Durand, WI: Late Season IPM Field Day (Local Host: Bob Cropp)
September 2, Mindoro, WI: Late Season IPM Field Day (Local Host; Steve Huntzicker)

For further information regarding these events, contact the local host listed or Paul:

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