Communication Methods Survey to Help Us More Effectively Reach You

Drs. Shawn Conley (University of Wisconsin) and Vince Davis (University of Illinois) are conducting a communication methods survey and are asking for your participation. The objective of this survey is to investigate the technology that soybean growers and agronomic consultants use to find and share soybean production and marketing information. This survey is being conducted through the mail via post cards and through an on-line survey program. The research is sponsored by the Illinois and Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Boards through the soybean checkoff. The survey should take less than 10 minutes of your time but will be extremely valuable to us. This survey is completely voluntary and the information you provide will remain anonymous. Please visit to take part in this research to help us serve you better.


We sincerely thank you in advance for your participation. – Shawn P. Conley and Vince M. Davis

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