Winners of the 2015 WSA WI Soybean Contest are Announced

The 1st place winner in Division 4, Bahr Farms Inc. of Belmont, grew Asgrow AG2535 and harvested 89.23 bu/a.  In second place, Riley Bros. Farms of Darlington grew Asgrow AG2433 and harvested 88.85 bu/a.  In Division 3, David and Karen Wilkens of Random Lake won 1st place with NK S20-T6 Brand at 77.15 bu/a, and in 2nd place, Echo-Y Inc. of Loganville harvested 75.93 bu/a with NK S20-T6 Brand.  In Division 2, Oeh My Farm of Abbotsford achieved 79.72 bu/a from Asgrow AG1431 for first place.  In 2nd place, J-Mar Hillside Acres of Luxemburg harvested 74.17 bu/a from Steyer 1140L soybeans.  In Division 1 at 75.67 bu/a was David Lundgren from Amery who planted Croplan R2C1494.  2ndplace winner in Division 1 was Jerry Koser from Almena.  He harvested 60.27 bu/a from DuPont Pioneer 91M10. 

The contest is sponsored by the WI Soybean Program and organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in WI soybean production.
For more information please contact Shawn Conley, WI State Soybean Specialist at 608-262-7975 or

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