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Early Season Soybean Diseases: Don’t Rush to Spray

We have started to receive some questions regarding the need for foliar fungicides in soybean. In walking our research fields at Arlington and West Madison this week, we noticed evidence of brown spot, otherwise known as Septoria leaf spot (causal organism: Septoria glycines) and bacterial blight (causal organsim: Pseudomonas syringae). Given the spring conditions we […]

Wheat Disease Update For June

We are currently in the process of examining the winter wheat variety trials that are at Arlington, Chilton, Janesville and Lancaster for foliar diseases. So far, we have completed assessments at Arlington. The growth stage ranged from Feekes 9 (when the ligule of the flag leaf is visible) to Feekes 10.3 to 10.4 (almost full […]

Fusarium Head Scab Update

We are entering a critical period for wheat scab development in the state. The most up-to-date risk maps indicates that we have moved into a moderate to high risk in the southern portions of Wisconsin. In the past few days, we have seen temperatures move into the lower 80’s with high humidity and heavy rainfall. […]

Rust Report for Wheat and Soybean

Wheat: Wheat leaf rust is on the increase in the Southern U.S., and recent reports have the severity > 10% in the far portions of the wheat areas (south of Missouri). Wheat leaf rust severity is in the 0-10% range, reaching northern Missouri and south to south-central Illinois. We continue to monitor our wheat plots […]

Flag Leaf Emergence – Decision Time

Much of the winter wheat in the state is at the flag leaf growth stage. This is a critical time to consider the need for foliar fungicide applications. Shawn and I recently posted on the coolbean.info website (UWEX Soybean Extension) and to be published in the Wisconsin Crop Manager a new article that poses four […]

Wheat Diagnostics: Tan Spot and Septoria Leaf Blotch

For those who have been scouting wheat this spring and also read the Wisconsin Crop Manager and Wisconsin Pest Bulletin will note that there has been reference to observations for both Septoria leaf blotch and Tan spot this spring. We have also noted these two diseases but feel it is important to discuss the differences […]

May Wheat Rust Outlook

In checking wheat around the state, I have found no evidence for wheat leaf rust overwintering to date. But, we need to keep a watchful eye out in the southern U.S. as wheat development progresses. Right now, wheat leaf rust has been on the increase in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma, and the weather fronts […]

What About Soybean Rust?

I have been monitoring reports from the southern U.S. to determine what we might see as a risk for soybean rust in 2008. Also, thanks to a message from David Fischer, UW-Extension-Dane County, we know that growers are paying attention to the possible risk for soybean rust as they consider their planting options for switching […]

Early Season Soybean Diseases

As I stare out my window, watching rain fall, I write this short note to remind everyone to pay attention after planting for early-season seedling diseases in soybean. The cool and wet weather favors a disease like Pythium, but it is critical to make a good field assessment to determine which soybean seedling problems may […]

Scouting for Wheat Diseases

Winter wheat in much of Wisconsin is around the jointing stage.  This is an excellent time to start scouting for wheat diseases, especially those that are known to overwinter in Wisconsin like Septoria and Powdery mildew.  We have detected those two diseases in our initial scouting around the state, but their presence is highly dependent […]