Rust Report for Wheat and Soybean

Wheat: Wheat leaf rust is on the increase in the Southern U.S., and recent reports have the severity > 10% in the far portions of the wheat areas (south of Missouri). Wheat leaf rust severity is in the 0-10% range, reaching northern Missouri and south to south-central Illinois. We continue to monitor our wheat plots for the presence of leaf rust. Wheat stem rust has been documented from Texas up towards southern Missouri, with severity typically less than 10%.

Soybean: Active scouting continues in the Southern U.S., but no new finds have been recently documented. A summary of the current conditions and forecast for the South indicates that large portions of the Southeast are dry, with isolated storms forecasted. Wind directions in Florida are blowing such that spore movement is being confined within the state. While winds in Texas are gusting to the north, clear and dry conditions are reducing the likelihood of spore deposition or survival. The 1-2 and 3-5 day forecasts do not suggest much change in the rain forecast or for spore movement.

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