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Soybean Irrigation during Reproductive Growth

Authored by Emma Matcham and Shawn P. Conley In our past article about early season soybean irrigation, we shared some thoughts on soybean water needs from planting through vegetative growth. To recap, if you’re planting into dry conditions, you might need to apply some water to aid germination. Between soybean emergence and beginning R3 growth […]

#Plant20 is going well…but the Bean Team is ready for #Grow20!

Authored by: Lindsay Chamberlain, Spyridon Mourtiznis, John Gaska and Shawn P. Conley #Plant20 went by in a flash for many – but with a chilly past week across the Midwest, many are wondering how long will it take for early-planted soybean to emerge. To take a stab at this question, we pulled out some data […]

Early Season Soybean Irrigation

Authored by Emma Matcham and Shawn P. Conley Did you know that roughly 500,000 acres of WI cropland are irrigated? Interestingly, most of WI irrigated land is used for vegetable (potato, sweet corn, etc.) or seed corn production. You might notice that soybean is not highlighted on the preceding list, however soybean is frequently grown […]

Thoughts on Transitioning a Cover Crop into a Cash Grain Crop

My grandfather (whom I nicknamed Fudd), left school after the 8th grade due to farm obligations and may not have had the largest vocabulary nor could write in any legible form (we always teased him that he was a M.D.), but he could rattle off math and markets like no ones business. Today farmers are […]

The WSMB Free Soybean Cyst Nematode Testing Program is Back in 2020!

Ann MacGuidwin, Damon Smith and Shawn P. Conley The WI Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) sponsors free nematode testing to help producers stay ahead of the most important nematode pest of soybean, the soybean cyst nematode (SCN). Eggs of SCN persist in the soil between soybean crops so a sample can be submitted any time that […]

Winners of the 2019 WI Soybean Yield Contest are Announced

The 1st place winner in Division 4, RnK DeVoe Farms of Monroe, grew Pioneer P28A42X and harvested 91.08 bu/a.  In second place, Venable Farms Inc. of Janesville grew Jung 1213R2X and harvested 87.48 bu/a.  In Division 3, Jim Salentine of Luxemburg harvested 92.44 bu/a with Stine 19BA23 and in 2nd place, Tim Gaffron of Twin […]

Finalists for the 2019 WI Soybean Yield Contest are Announced

The 2019 season had below average growing conditions for many growers.  We experienced lower entry numbers in the 2019 WSA/WSMB Soybean Yield Contest, likely due to delayed planting and harvest from wet weather causing maturity, time and logistic struggles.  The top two entries in each division (in no particular order) were: Division 4: Rick DeVoe, […]

Dealing with Wet Frozen Soybeans

Like many farmers the UW BeanTeam still has soybean sitting in the field. Both locations (FDL and East Troy) have not been fit to run since maturity and FDL had 7 inches of snow piled on top of standing water yesterday. Anyway…. once fields freeze and we can get back after the crop, here are […]