Winners of the 2013 WI Soybean Yield Contest are Announced

The 1st place winner in Division 4, Dean Booth of Cuba City, grew Asgrow AG2431 and harvested 82.7 bu/a.  In second place, Mary Kay Booth of Cuba City grew Asgrow AG2433 and harvested 81.8 bu/a.  In Division 3, RnK DeVoe Farms of Monroe won 1stplace with Pioneer P28T33R at 92.1 bu/a (highest overall yield) and in 2ndplace, Ellis Farms Inc. of Walworth harvested 74.4 bu/a with Dairyland DSR-2190/R2Y.  Also in Division 3, the Wisconsin Bean Team of UW Graduate students Adam Gaspar, David Marburger, and Ethan Smidt grew Pioneer P28T33R and harvested 87.4 bu/a. The WI Bean Team is ineligible for official prizes as they are grad students of Dr. Conley; however their efforts are still recognized.   In Division 2, Stetzer Brothers LLC of Melrose achieved 71.2 bu/a from Pioneer 91Y90 for first place. In 2ndplace, Triple Maple Dairy LLC of Manitowoc harvested 65.0 bu/a from Renk RS183NR2 soybeans. In Division 1 at 57.8 bu/a was Paul Graf Farms LLC from Sturgeon Bay.  They planted Pioneer 90Y90.  2nd place winner in Division 1 was Kloos Acres from Stratford.  They harvested 55.0 bu/a from Pioneer 91Y30. 

The contest is sponsored by the WI Soybean Program and organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in WI soybean production.

 Agronomic Practices of 2013 WI Soybean Yield Contest Winners

Avg. Planting date May 14th 
Avg. Seeding rate (seeds/acre) 176,111
  % using this practice
Inoculant 33
Seed fungicide 67
Seed insecticide 56
Foliar fungicide 56
Foliar insecticide 22
Row spacing < 30″ 89
Conventional tillage 56
Previous crop not corn 11

For more information please contact Shawn Conley, WI State Soybean Specialist at 608-262-7975 or

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