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Chilton and Arlington Winter Wheat May 30, 2011

Over the next two days, I will be traveling to all of our wheat plots around the state. For each blog posting, I will also be embedding some short videos that I take at each site showing how the stand looks and also anything that looks a little interesting. Today, we start with Chilton and […]

Wheat Scouting Update and Disease Thresholds

With some warmer weather last week, wheat growth stages moved along from what we had seen in previous weeks. A check of some of our research studies found that the wheat was at the Feekes 6 and 7 growth stages (first and second nodes ). This is an important time to be out in the […]

Wheat Disease Update

Had the chance to check the wheat at both Arlington and Janesville today (Monday, 5/2). The wheat growth stage was Feekes 4 (Zadoks 30), on average, and was also looking very good at both locations. At this growth stage, we have often received many questions as to whether the use of a foliar fungicide is […]

Soil Temperature and Moisture and Seed Treatments

While today’s (Monday) weather has been the sort of day we have been lacking recently, the USDA-NASS Wisconsin Crop Progress for April 25th indicates that in almost all of the reporting districts, subsoil moisture is either adequate to surplus! As we get itchy to be in the fields planting, a very relevant question to ask […]

2011 – Foliar Fungicides for Field Crops

With grain commodity prices remaining strong, we have updated our “Number of bushels needed to cover the cost of a foliar fungicide application” table for 2011. We will be shortly updating this record on the Field Crops Plant Pathology website. For 2011, we have the estimated bushels across a wide range of commodity prices as […]

2011 Winter Wheat Workshops

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recently completed winter wheat workshops! We had a great time over the three days and really enjoyed the discussions and interactions with everyone. We will be posting shortly on the Field Crops Plant Pathology website notes from the meeting and a summary of participant evaluations. In the […]

Merging of Soy Health and Field Crops Plant Pathology Websites

I just wanted to take this opportunity to announce that we have a new and integrated website for diseases of field crops. This new website is called: Field Crop Pathology. The URL for this site is: fyi.uwex.edu/fieldcroppathology. For those who have used the Soy Health webpage (and we know that it has been a lot […]

Fusarium Head Blight Alert System – 2011

The U.S. Wheat & Barley Scab Initiative FHB Alert System will again be active in 2011. In addition to adding two more states, there will be options for users to customize the system to target their geographical area better. The goal of the alert system is to enable users to have improved notice (i.e., more […]

Just the Facts – Glyphosate Impact on the Environment

Recently, we have received an increased number of emails and phone calls regarding the negative interactions of glyphosate with micronutrients and plant diseases. There is a considerable amount of literature in both scientific and popular press about this topic. Bob Hartzler at Iowa State University has done an excellent literature review and discussion of this […]

2011 Winter Wheat Workshops

The 2011 Winter Wheat Workshops will take place March 30 and 31, and April 1. The theme for the 2011 workshops is, “The Timeline of Decisions for Wheat Management”. Topics include wheat growth staging, disease and insect diagnostics, nitrogen and weed management, and post-harvest management issues including cover crops, nutrient implications of straw harvest and […]