Finalists for the 2020 WI Soybean Yield Contest are Announced

The 2020 season had above average growing conditions for many growers.  We experienced higher entry numbers in the 2020 WSA/WSMB Soybean Yield Contest, likely due to an early and extended harvest window.

The top two entries in each division (in no particular order) were:

Division 4:

  • Ron Digman, Mount Hope (planted Pioneer P28A42X)
  • Don and Doug Midthun, Arlington (planted Asgrow AG20X9)

Division 3:

  • Ryan Bates, Elmwood (planted Pioneer P16A84X)
  • Tim Gaffron, Twin Lakes (planted Pioneer P24A80X)

Division 2:

  • Paul Lapacinski, Cameron (planted Pioneer P16A13X)
  • Mike and Dean Wegner, Sparta (planted Pioneer P23A15X)

Division 1: 

  • Jim Wilson, St. Croix Falls (planted Asgrow AG10X9)
  • Paul Graf, Sturgeon Bay (planted NK S14-U9X Brand)

The Soybean Quality Contest was optional for any Soybean Yield Contest entrant.  There are no geographical divisions for the Quality Contest.  One cash award will be presented statewide to the highest protein plus oil yield per acre (measured in lbs. per acre). The finalists for the Soybean Quality Contest are:

  • Rick DeVoe, Monroe (planted Pioneer P28A42X)
  • Jerry Kreuziger, Juneau (planted Pioneer P23A15X)

The final ranking and awards will be announced at the “Beans and Bull” virtual meeting on January 21st at 7:00pm.  Registration is free for this event and all other Bean and Bull sessions.  To register for this event, visit

The contest is sponsored by the WI Soybean Program and organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in WI soybean production.

For more information please contact Shawn Conley, WI State Soybean Specialist at 608-800-7056 or